Community partnerships

Lubuto works with national and local officials to align targeted users, programs and library sites with identified national development priorities. In Zambia—where the Library Library model originated—Lubuto has consulted directly with national and local government officials and the Zambian Library establishment at every stage of the model's development. A Memorandum of Understanding between Lubuto and Zambia's Ministry of Education designates Lubuto as a national partner to "provide leadership in establishing standards of good library practice" in order to improve the quality of education in Zambia, with special reference to OVCY.

Lubuto's partnerships with library professionals both locally and worldwide ensure that our efforts to strengthen and expand librarianship in the country and region are effective. It has been especially important in an environment that previously offered no children and youth library services or training that, through cooperation and partnership, youth services be understood, owned and sustained.

Collaborative partnerships with arts, health, ICT and other organizations enrich libraries through development of new programs, services and resources. In turn, partner agencies gain by using the library as a platform to reach their intended audiences. Relevant programming, integrated with a library's collection, services and outreach, are what makes a successful and impactful library.