Under DREAMS, Lubuto Library Partners developed innovative programming based on the premise that public libraries are a uniquely accessible gateway for linking high-risk girls to the information and services that empower them to develop life skills, prevent HIV, and stay in school. This solution included:

This solution included:

  • sustainable scholarship support

  • role model, peer-to-peer, all-male, and family mentoring

  • comprehensive and proactive health information and referral services

  • family literacy programs

  • a platform for sexual and reproductive health programming and research

Taken together, these program elements provide an avenue to staying in school, developing sexual and reproductive health and HIV prevention knowledge, re-shaping harmful gender norms, and inspiring adolescent girls and young women to develop ambitious dreams for their futures. Lubuto’s DREAMS solutions are scalable and sustainable, continue to be available through Lubuto libraries post-DREAMS, and are designed to be adopted by other libraries as well as other community, health and education centers in the region.



53 girls supported with comprehensive scholarships
1,174 adolescent young women and men graduated from mentoring programs
180 peer leaders were trained

onelinelubuto_june 2019-04.png

888 youth attended
26 horizon-broadening field trips &
30 career speakers inspired program participants


60.5% of DREAMS program participants view
gender-based violence as less acceptable


Of 142 family literacy graduates
41% returned to school, gained employment
or started businesses

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4,755 girls, boys and community members served by outreach
862 individuals were tested at on-site HIV testing centers
with an unprecidented 100% referral completion rate
9 sexual and reproductive health or HIV programs offered by partners