Children affected by AIDS

Girls account for 71% of new HIV infections in Sub-Saharan Africa. In 2016 Lubuto was awarded a DREAMS Innovation Challenge grant to help address the alarmingly high HIV infection rate among girls. Our solution uses public libraries as a platform to keep girls in secondary school and HIV/AIDS-free. Although the grant has now ended, the life-saving programs introduced remain active.

Lubuto’s HIV prevention strategy includes:

  • Sustainable scholarship support

  • Role model, peer-to-peer all-male, and family mentoring

  • Comprehensive and proactive health information and referral services

  • Family literacy programs

  • A platform for sexual and reproductive health programming and research

Together, these elements provide an avenue to staying in school, developing SRH and HIV prevention knowledge, re-shaping harmful gender norms, and inspiring adolescent girls and young women to develop ambitious dreams for their futures.