What We Do

Through both our advocacy and our direct work with young people, Lubuto has successfully pioneered the use of public libraries as a platform for cross-sectoral impact and challenged narrow perceptions about what a library can be and do.

Lubuto’s objectives are to:


Create open access to child-friendly, culture-specific, well-equipped, and expertly-staffed libraries


Support holistic development and advocate for the rights of all children and youth, especially the marginalized


Build capacity of librarians, communities, and educators to provide high-quality educational, information, and social services to children and youth through public libraries

To achieve these objectives, Lubuto’s approach is to model the broad impacts that library services can have on Africa’s children and youth by:

  1. Partnering with Sub-Saharan African host communities and stakeholder institutions
  2. Co-creating library facilities reflecting social, economic, and cultural patterns
  3. Providing knowledgeably curated, highest quality collections and resources
  4. Developing and supporting delivery of targeted and innovative programming
  5. Carrying out effective outreach
  6. Introducing and supporting continuous improvement of library services for children and youth
  7. Monitoring and evaluating libraries’ impact for learning and advocacy