Lubuto Library Partners Newsletter -- February 2016
Lubuto Library Partners
Newsletter #62 - February 2016
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Lubuto Library Partners

"I brought my elder brother to the library. He does not go to school and it’s his first time at the library. He does not speak so we use sign language to communicate. He says he likes the place and enjoyed watching pictures in the books."

Serving Zambia’s deaf youth
Chola, a Zambian Sign Language interpreter who works for the Zambian National Broadcasting Company, visited Ngwerere Library recently. With extensive experience working with disabled children and volunteering at the National Library for the Blind, she was just the person we had been looking for to give a sign language storytime at Lubuto libraries. She came in with great enthusiasm but we were all truly amazed with what happened during her visit.

Chola was taken on a tour of the library and sat down in the Arts Room to discuss outreach opportunities for deaf youth with us. She then recognized a deaf boy sitting next to her who was communicating with his brother. Chola started signing with the boy and discovered that he comes to the library every day and lives nearby, but goes to a school for the deaf located far away.

When Chola and the boy walked outside, they were thrilled to discover that a group of four more deaf children were visiting the library and using its resources that day. She talked to the group of five for a while, finding out more about them and what they like to do at the library. They told her that they all enjoy reading and spending time with their friends. Chola was very happy to see that young deaf people are already being reached by Lubuto libraries.

Chola’s passion is contagious and she has everyone excited about deaf programming at Lubuto libaries. She has gone way beyond what was expected and has volunteered to offer hours of sign language storytime each week—and is helping to develop a comprehensive outreach program for the deaf. Chola is also going to offer basic Zambian Sign Language training for both the deaf and hearing.

Although we are glad that Lubuto libraries already reach the deaf community, we are eager to have the opportunity to work with experts like Chola, Zambia Deaf Youth and Women and the Zambia National Association for the Deaf (ZNAD) to improve library services for deaf children and youth. There are currently no free public services for the deaf in Zambia, which needs to change. Young deaf people want and deserve the safe spaces and services received by other community members.

One of our main goals for 2016 and beyond is to open our doors to more children and youth with special needs, to greatly increase the number of services available to them and to advocate on their behalf. It is exceptional local partners and volunteers like Chola who will make this goal achievable.

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Volunteer of the Month
Volunteer of the Month

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