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Attending ALA 2019 in DC?

Elizabeth Giles will present "What role can public libraries play in the fight against HIV/AIDS?: Lessons from Zambia" at the IRRT Chair's Program on Saturday June 22nd from 1-2pm. Elizabeth and Jane Meyers will also present a poster "Beyond information: showing wider roles public libraries can play in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa" on Sunday June 23rd from 9:30-11am at the convention center exhibition hall.

Libraries transforming Africa's next generation

Lubuto Library Partners is an innovative development organization that builds the capacity of public libraries to create opportunities for equitable education and poverty reduction. Its mission is to enlighten and enrich the lives of children and youth in sub-Saharan Africa, especially those not in school and highly vulnerable.

The problem: The HIV/AIDS pandemic, conflict, systemic breakdown and poverty have left millions of African youth isolated from their communities and cast off. Looking forward, exponential population growth threatens to overwhelm the capacity to support the exploding numbers of children, including those with disabilities. Lubuto, teaming up with community-based programs has pioneered a model for addressing the problems of specific communities and countries.

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Our approach

Lubuto constructs enduring open-access libraries whose design is inspired by traditional and contemporary social, economic and cultural patterns and which freely offer comprehensive collections of well-chosen books and technology resources. These libraries serve as safe havens and are the center for dynamic library programming offering education, psychosocial support and self-expression through reading, music, art, drama, computers, mentoring and other activities.

Lubuto maintains a continuous monitoring and evaluation learning relationship for children and youth library services. The impressive track record of the growing network of Lubuto libraries, owned and operated by Zambian organizations, provides a model poised to scale regionally. Sustainability has been central to all aspects of Lubuto's model since inception.