Lubuto Library Partners Newsletter -- May 2016
Lubuto Library Partners
Newsletter #65 - May 2016
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Kudos for Kasonde!
“Kasonde Mukonde came to our school with a strong commitment to youth services librarianship and he has demonstrated this commitment throughout his time at GSLIS. He has a deep and abiding dedication to improving access to library and education services for young people in his native Zambia, where he will be serving as [Country] director for [Lubuto Library Partners] (LLP). His interests include supporting the educational needs of young women, who often lack financial and family resources to continue education beyond the primary grades, and to expand nonbook library program opportunities for teens. In his time at GSLIS, Kasonde’s thoughtful engagement spurred his classmates to be better. Beyond the walls of GSLIS, he sought out opportunities to learn from local libraries and librarians, participated in national and international conferences, and honed his skills at reference and instruction. We have no doubt that the young people of Zambia will be well-served by Kasonde’s ideas and efforts.”
—Alice Lohrer Award announcement, U. Illinois Urbana-Champaign Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS) 2016

For those of you who may be wondering who Kasonde is, particularly the many generous people who helped to fund Thomas Mukonde’s education over the last two years, Thomas assumed his maternal grandfather’s name on the eve of his return to Zambia to serve as our Country Director. Kasonde received his M.S. in Library and Information Science from GSLIS on May 15th. We are so proud that he graduated with flying colors, receiving the Alice Lohrer Award for Literature and Library Services for Youth.

Jane was able to travel to Illinois and celebrate with Kasonde both at his convocation and awards dinner. She was impressed with the school’s strong emphasis on the formation of information professionals who view their role as one of service and leadership to support an inclusive and just society, which so well fits Kasonde’s and Lubuto’s values and goals. Jane and his faculty supporters agreed that Kasonde took as much advantage as possible of every opportunity his two years at Illinois offered, including working at libraries in the community and at the university and making strong connections with GSLIS faculty. Clearly Kasonde was well-loved there (as everywhere!) and he will remain connected and supported by them when he returns to Zambia in early June. The staff is so excited about his return!

We know that Kasonde will not only lead our Zambia program but will take a dynamic leadership role in the promotion and development of library services to children and youth throughout the region. We are so happy to have this very talented Zambian professional at the helm of our operations and confident that Kasonde and our talented team will make great strides in improving the lives of young people.

We want to thank every one again for supporting Kasonde along the way and making all of his success possible.

Life at Lubuto libraries
We recently learned about the innovative way a group of children at Ngwerere Library is raising money to purchase school supplies. The children formed a group called the “Shining Hearts” that is working on writing scripts and shooting short movies, which will be burned onto CDs and sold for a small fee. The “Shining Hearts” will also perform these as plays at the library, homes, and market places. We are excited to see these films and look forward to hearing about this group in the future when they are world-famous filmmakers!

Seeking a Business Development Director
We are now recruiting an experienced Director of Business Development for our DC office. A successful candidate will have a solid background in grant writing and must be familiar with USAID and other internationally-focused funding organizations. Click here for more details.

Volunteer of the Month
Volunteer of the Month

Our May Volunteer of the Month is Ann Buki, who helped with our cataloging at St. Paul’s Church and later became Lubuto’s first Program Associate. Ann has been in Philadelphia for some time now, but her hard work and kind nature is still missed by all who worked with her.
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