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Reading Culture

I run into lots of people in Zambia who ask me what I'm doing here. It's a fair question, and so I tell them: I'm a librarian-in-training, conducting collection evaluation research in children’s libraries. And more than once now the person I'm talking to has looked at me with bemusement and a little bit of pity and said, "A librarian? But here we don't have a reading culture."

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Reading Together

When I worked in Lubuto's D.C. office, I spent a fair amount of time captioning photos that other people had taken in the libraries. Looking through those pictures was always fun-- seeing the big smiles, the crowds of children watching or participating in drama performances, and the teen artists bent over their masterpieces.

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Lubuto Library Project Moving Forward

In the last few weeks we've had some very important meetings at the Lubuto Library Project in Zambia. First I was invited to the work planning meeting, where the management team scheduled all the work that Lubuto will be doing on all of its projects and programs over the next year. 

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